Ralph Tarzian

sculptor - designer





Since the inclusion of marbel in the pieces of sculpture by Tarzian, there is an added excitement and variety to his work, continuing to capture the style uniquely his own, leaving no doubt to those who know his work, as to it's origin. Most have known his abstract figures in bronze, which intelligently symbolize the vigor or present time, without sacrificing the symmetry and grace of the past.

Now, it is possible to appreciate both mediums, bronze and marbel. In his Laguna Canyon studio he has the separated area to work on the wax maquettes for bronze casting, without the incompatibility of marble dust. The marble carving area is an open space with air circulation, so important in the work.

His recent return from Italy was solely for searching out the finest and most perfect pieces of marble to be worked in the designs already developing in his imagination. He scoured the quarries, or caves, of the mountains of Carrara as diligently as Michaelangelo did in centuries past, for his 'Pieta' and 'David.' He is satisfied only in selecting the finest stones for the works he is formulating. His large supply of various marbles should content energetic sculptor until his next planned working trip in the studio in Pietrasanta, Italy.

His sculpture, appreciated in private collections, north America, has been exhibited in all of the more important modern art museums and galleries of southern California, and many in the north.

A partial list of museums, colleges, private galleries and cultural centers where his work has been exhibited is:

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Long Beach Museum of Art

La Jolla Museum of Art

Downey Museum of Art

Newport Harbor Art Museum

Laguna Beach Museum of Art

Orange Coast College (Cost Mesa, CA)

Golden West College (Costa Mesa, CA)

College of the Sequoias (Visalia, CA)

University of California (Long Beach, CA)

Mendenhal Gallery at Whittier College

Ryder Sculpture Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)

Pacific Design Center (Los Angeles, CA)

Paulson Gallery (San Marino)

Gallerie Andree (Cost Mesa, CA)

Challis Art Gallery (Laguna Beach, CA)

Vorpol Galleries (San Francisco and Laguna Beach, CA)

Mills House Visual Arts

Huntington Beach Cultural Cener

Palos Verdes Community Art Association

Long Beach Art Association

Barnsdale Park (Los Angeles, CA)

Diane Sassone Gallery (Laguna Beach, CA)

The Art Connection (Laguna Niquel, CA)


Tarzian is recently retired as a professor of art at Orange Coast College, where he developed the excellent sculpture program, including a complete foundry. He is working daily in his Laguna Canyon studio, at this writing, on a series of models of his erectly standing figures depicting different attitudes of life. This is not to say, he won't feel the need to carve n stone and has the ability to switch from one medium to the other without losing pace.

The strength and sensitivity of his sculpture, with the constant devotion to form, generally figurative, but always in his unique stylization have long merited the artist a proper and respected place in American sculpture.

Artists Statement

"A sculptor is a person who is interested in the shape of things, where as a poet is someone who is interested in rhythmic words; a musician is someone who is interested or obsessed by measured sounds, a writer is addicted to the telling of stories. But a sculptor is compelled by the form and shape of all things, anything and everything, living and dead.

I try to depict in my pieces, a moment, frozen in time and space, better yet, a void; the silence of eternity, figures that have withdrawn from the present into a more quiet place."


Ralph Tarzian

Laguna Beach, California