Ralph Tarzian's Studio

The Lost Wax Process


The lost wax or cire-perdue bronze casting process is a 3,000 year old

technique used by ancient Chinese, Greek, and African civilizations.

This casting process changed little when the early industrial revolution brought bronze

foundries to North America in the late 1800's. The ceramic shell mold process and other methods,

were developed during the 1950's to provide finished precision parts for the aircraft industries.

Today the lost wax process is used anywhere accurate dimensioning,

fine detail, and little surface finishing are necessary.

Ralph Tarzian first began casting in Long Beach in the early 1950's and now at his Studio 10 in Laguna Beach and casts in foundries throughout southern California. Ralph's studio moved from Long Beach in the 1960's when he moved his family to Laguna Beach, California. Ralph currently participates in the "Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts", and has displayed his art forms for decades.

Do not miss the "Festival of the Arts" or the "Pageant of the Master," a must see if you are in California in July and August.